The Festival
The initiative was founded in 2009 and, after many successes in the past editions, obtained the Plate of
the Italian Republic’s President for the year 2014.
The event is divided into two Artistic Sectors (Drama and Cinema) and every year are selected tens of projects,
representing workshop paths for youth, which are presented during the final stage.
The Festival, which is now in its seventh edition, has seen a number of subscribers growing every year for a total of 19,000
participants during the six editions.
The initiative is  addressed to all the Italian schools, of all levels, except nursery schools and to all European
institutes of all levels with the exception of nursery and primary schools.
The last two editions includes the possibility for Italian and European non-profitmaking Socio-Cultural
Organisations to enter projects in autonomy.
The event has always been held in the same location: the Hotel "Park Hotel Colle degli Angeli", located on the
slopes of Monte Amiata, in the province of Grosseto.
The location was specifically selected in order to ensure the peace necessary for a non-chaotic activity.
In addition, the many large convention halls allow to realize the whole event in the same place without further
uncomfortable transfers by the participants, ensuring also the total and continuous fruition of the Award.
During the final event, the total duration of 4 weeks, each participating subjects presents the artistic productions,
but are also involved in a variety of additional activities, specially designed for give to the event the correct
completeness and cohesion.
In particular, through the planning of interviews, blog, educational workshops, forums and debates - activities
addressed to boys, teaching staff and experts - the Festival becomes, in all the Europe, the only event
which permits meeting and exchanges of views between reality and geographically distant cultures.
In this way the initiative reaches its full characterization and distinguishes itself from the usual showcase of
scholastic performances, exalting  its uniqueness and giving to thousands of children across Europe a
"Corner of free and active thought".
But the initiative does not complete its purpose at the end of the final Festival. To the contrary, at this point, it starts
its real surplus value as proper "incubator" arts project; in this regard it must be considered the prize amounting to 13,000
Euro, which is intended as a financial aid for various didactic works and educational activities.

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