Guide - 7th edition 2016
Below you can find the main steps and their deadlines to arrive at the Festival in relax.
However, you can contact us for any information at:
(0039) 0564 496997
(0039) 327 7412963

- Regulation
We heartily recommend you to go carefully through the Regulation and keep it handy, in order to complete
correctly each stage.
It certainly help you to fill in the forms and to mark time of approaching Festival.

- by Friday 15th January 2016
Submission Participation Form properly filled in with all the information required.

-  by Monday 25th January 2016
Communication of the selected projects directly to the person concerned and by publication  on the website.

After the communication of admission we heartily recommend to proceed with the follow fulfillments in order to
save you from being in late and overloadig during the last days:
- participants quota collection;
- filling in forms for participants data (on-line after 25th January 2016);
- filling in acquittances for photos and film records, one for each participant (students, teachers, experts,
accompanyng adults and drivers). These forms must be given at the arrive at the festival.
We recommend to bring forward these steps because they are the most lenghty (and tedious) to carry out.

- by Saturday 20th February 2016
Submission Registration form(on-line after 15th January 2016) properly filled in with all the information required, together with the
notice of payment of the deposit  (equal to 50% of the total cost) for the stay.

Only for Social and Cultural Institutions - submission certificate to point if the project’s text and/or possible audio tracks are
in whole or in part covered or not by copyright  and, anyway, contextually,  bank transfer as guarantee deposit equal to €150,00
for possible SIAE royalties and submission of its payment notice.

- by Saturday 19th March 2016
Bank transfer of the balance of the total cost of the stay and submission of its payment notice.
Submission forms for participants data properly filled in.
Submission, by e-mail, a short description of the play or the short film. The information submitted are definitive and cannot
be changed later.

- by Tuesday 12th April 2016
Submission list of the technical or scenic material carried at the Festival.

- by  Thursday 28th April 2016
Publication of the Agendas for each participating subject, with detailed activities schedule.
The Agendas will be published on the related website’s page.
It is recommended to print Agendas, to go carefully through them and to bring them with you during the Festival.

- at the arrive
Delivery of necessary materials
1. “Cinema Section” - 2 identical Dvds in copia identica conteining the short film in VOB format.
2. “Teatro Section” - 2 identical copies of CD-ROMs containing possible audio tracks used in the show in Cd Audio format not in MP3.
3. Aquittances for photos and film records for EACH participant (students, teachers, experts, accompanyng adults and drivers).

ATTENTION - It is recommended to pay attention to the acquittances for photos and film records, which are required by law
in order to give the possibility of taking photos and recording videos during the festival.  
Failed delivery of original acquittances of each participant will be disqualifyng cause, as specified in the Regulation.

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